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One hundred thirty-one years ago today, Texas cattlemen proposed creation of a national trail from the Red River to the Canadian border. Some say it marked the beginning of the end for trail drives. Read more...

"Open carry" is now the law in Texas. Gun owners who complete special training and get a permit can carry guns into stores, college campuses and restaurants.

Texas is a state which reveres its past. Few Texans are aware that back in the old days, cowboys were required to check their weapons with the local marshal or sheriff when entering frontier cow towns. The law broached no tolerance for gunplay or showdowns later immortalized in Hollywood westerns.

It's going to be a Gruene Cowboy Christmas in Gruene! We just delivered a large shipment of books to Cotton Eyed Joe's, located just around the corner from the mansion H.D. Gruene built after his trail days ended. The Gruene Mansion Inn is now a bed and breakfast. Buy a book and make your reservation!

... it was a way station for Gruene cowboys headed south to families in Central Texas.

Gruene cowboys frequently interacted with members of the Choctaw Nation. Less than 50 years later, the descendants of these former enemies fought a different battle, together. 

On Veterans Day, we remember and posthumously salute the many Gruene cowboys and their fathers who served during the U.S. Civil War. Although they fought on both sides, the majority joined the Confederacy. Few had little to say about their service in what one vaguely referred to as "internecine strife" that devastated most families. However, by the end of the war, it's estimated that wartime neglect resulted in five million longhorns roaming the Lone Star State. This is where our cowboy stories begin...

What scared cowboys the most? G.W. Mills, of Lockhart, Texas, explains on p. 193: "As I got on the ground on the side next to the creek I heard the most horrifying yell, or more of a scream, that I had ever heard in all my life. This bloodcurdling scream came from a bending tree about sixty yards from the herd. My thick hair went straight up and has never thoroughly settled down since that memorable night." War whoop, or ________?