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The Wurstfest, New Braunfels' annual 10-day homage to sausage, kicks off next month. From Nov. 6 - 15, tourists and heavy beer drinkers will flock to the area to 'sprechen sie fun.' For the thousands who also will mosey over to Gruene for a little sprechen sie music and perhaps buy a book from us, we offer a quote from H.D. Gruene. The son of German immigrants who helped to found New Braunfels, H.D. no doubt enjoyed sausage and beer while regaling younger generations with tails of the trail:

“When we reached the end of our trip, we found cattle were selling very cheap, and we had to sell on credit. The party to whom I sold went broke and I lost all that was due me. This was my last trip. After a year at home I married and settled at Goodwin, my present home, where, with much hard labor, in which my wife bore more than her part, we have prospered and are living very contented. Our place is better known as Gruene’s, and any time any of my old friends come this way I will appreciate a visit.” — H.D. Gruene

You can buy a copy of The Gruene Cowboy at Hunter's Junction in Gruene, 1254 Gruene Rd., New Braunfels, TX 78130.

If you're a die-hard beer drinker, stop by Opa's German Store, 651 N. Business IH 35 in New Braunfels. Owner Ken Armke is a nationally recognized authority and official purveyor of the custom beer steins sold at Wurstfest. He grew up speaking German in his New Braunfels home, has a relative in The Gruene Cowboy, and also would be happy to sell you a copy of our book!