The Gruene Cowboy

True stories of the range and on the trail
told by early cowboys who fathered the cattle industry in Texas.
A Tribute to H.D. Gruene
SOURCE: The Old Trail Drivers Association of Texas
Major Texas Cattle Trails
Cattle Driven
Cowboy Drivers
Miles Driven Per Day
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These riveting, first-hand accounts of the real old West will change everything you thought you knew about cowboys and Indians—and reveal how the early settlers shaped the future of Texas before, during and after the Civil War. Saddle up with the men, women and teenagers who blazed the cattle trails north to Dodge City and beyond.
George W. Saunders
GEORGE W. SAUNDERS had the foresight and initiative to be the driving force in publishing The Trail Drivers of Texas (1925), a book that has been called the principal source on cattlemen and cattle drives, from which The Gruene Cowboy was adapted.

“The early settlers and old trail drivers did more toward the development of (Texas) than all other things combined, and it would be the father of all mistakes to allow the record of these men to go down in unwritten history," Saunders explained.
The Cowboy
Hundreds of long-dead Texas cowboys who risked their lives driving cattle up the trails between the 1860s and 1890s return to life in this monumental, single-source on the old-time Texas trail drives.
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Quanah Parker
Born to a white mother and Indian father, Quanah Parker was the last chief of the Comanche Indian tribe. He was a familiar figure to many of the cowboys as illustrated in The Gruene Cowboy.
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What They’re Saying

“Absolutely the best source there is on the cattle trail.”

–Walter Prescott Webb, historian, author and president of the Texas State Historical Association
The Gruene Cowboy shines a new spotlight on the fantastic stories captured in the original Trail Drivers of Texas.”
“The most monumental single source on the old-time Texas trail drives north to Kansas and beyond.”

–Elmer Kelton, Dallas Morning News
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